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Hi! I am a film fixer/local coordinator based in Nepal.

Specializing in production support since 2002 with access to a large network of Production Companies, filmmakers, journalists, travel & trekking agencies and other fixers. 


Himalayan Fixer

Fixer in Nepal

Ashok Pahari (Himalayan Fixer) is a fixer based in Kathmandu, Nepal. As versatile as it gets, Fixer looks after a wide spectrum of areas, while his speciality lies in production.

Networking and Back up

Connections with the largest network of Journalists, Production Houses, and Travel Agencies in Nepal and is backed up by the largest production house in Nepal.


Can process permit applications and documents beyond Red Tape. Knows where to go, how to go, when to go and whom to meet.

Cultural Interpreter

Not just a translator but a good storyteller, enthusiastic about engaging in discussions and interpretations regarding the vast cultural diversity in Nepal.


Can prepare travel plans, film itinerary, location reports, etc. through extensive research and location scouting. Has access to local sources all over Nepal.

Fixer in Nepal
Fixer in Nepal
Fixer in Nepal
Fixer in Nepal
Fixer in Nepal
Fixer in Nepal
Fixer in Nepal
Fixer in Nepal
Fixer in Nepal
Fixer in Nepal
Fixer in Nepal
Fixer in Nepal
Fixer in Nepal
Fixer in Nepal
Fixer in Nepal
Fixer in Nepal

Film Production Service in Nepal

HIMALAYAN FIXER stands as a comprehensive production company, specializing in delivering logistical support and production services to international production firms embarking on projects in Nepal and beyond.

  • Drone Permit & Aerial Filming

  • Filming Permit in Nepal

  • Transportation
  • Equipment Hire
  • Fixers- Local Coordinators
  • Custom Clearance

More Than 100+ Creative Projects, Completed From  All Over the World

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Journalist Visa to travel to Nepal for filming?

No, you can apply for a tourist visa on arrival for any type of filming in Nepal. You need to obtain a filming permit in order to travel around nepal for filming.

How Applying for filming permit is easy in Nepal?
Filming permits are easily obtainable in Nepal. The country promotes filming industry and assists foriegn filmmakers for filming inside Nepal. Permissions are issued to filmmakers in Nepal for the promotion of filming destinations in Nepal. Government grants permission within 10-15 working days with minimum charges.
How to apply for a film permit?
First of all you need a Local Coordinator. Himalayan Fixer takes care of all the filming permit application process and processing them through the right channels or government departments.
Looking for a Fixer?
Film Professionals looking for filming in Nepal and a professional fixer to take care of all the problems can hire Himalayan Fixer. Fixer takes care of Translation, Permits, Transportation and equipment hire in Nepal.
How do I find a local coordinator?
You can hire Fixer or a local film production company as a coordinator. Himalayan Fixer specialize in working for filmmakers from around the globe.
What kind of production can apply for a shooting permit at the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology?
TV commercials, documentaries, music videos,TV programs, feature films, mini- series,TV serials, etc that do not contain any negative connotation or unfavorable message about Nepal and its people can apply for permission at the Ministry of Information and Communications.
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