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05 MAY 2022

Filming Permit In Nepal

Your ultimate guide for acquiring Filming Permit in Nepal.

1. How to apply for a filming permit in Nepal?

Applying for a Film Permit in Nepal is simpler and easier. As a tourism-based country, the government of Nepal supports international film professionals visiting Nepal. The nation has directed its focus to promote itself as the ultimate filming destination in the world as well as to promote its tourism industry.

Nepal comprises all the resources that a filmmaker needs. Nepal proudly claims itself rich in culture, tradition, and natural scenic beauty. The very saying, “Nepal Provides” is one of the examples foreign filmmakers can find while filming here. For this, the Nepal government grants permission to film almost everywhere in the country with a simple one time National Filming Permit.

With the help of the local producer/ Fixer, you can apply for the film permit. The fixer takes care of the process and provides application services. You need to get documents prepared and sent to the local coordinator in advance for easy entry to Nepal with equipment and also for visa application. Nepal provides visa on arrival to filmmakers coming for filming in Nepal but need custom clearance for the equipment.

It takes 2-7 working days for the overall application process and to obtain the filming permit in Nepal. You can follow up and get updates from the fixer regarding the process. The local coordinator or fixer in Nepal provides necessary documents as a sample for easy preparation of the documents. The fixer in Nepal arranges all the document and acquires the permit prior to the international crew’s arrival for filming in Nepal.

2. What documents do you need to prepare to apply for the filming permit in Nepal?

  • Synopsis: This should include brief details on the overall production concept.
  • Assignment Letter: This letter should address the fixer/local producer to be appointed as the local coordinator for the services provided.
  • Passport Scan: The scan copy of passports of all the foreign crew traveling for filming in Nepal.
  • Itinerary: Brief Schedule of production with details starting from the arrival date to the date of departure.
  • Equipment List: List of equipment to be brought in with serial numbers, weight, and price.
  • Travel Itinerary: Travel details or flight details of arrival and departure in Nepal.
  • Film Permit Application form: Signed and Stamped.
  • Agreement Contract: A contract between the foreign client and fixer in Nepal parties duly signed.

3. Which part of the government body grants filming permits in Nepal?

Filming Permit is granted by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. The ministry grants filming permit after agreeing to follow the set of rules provided. The mandatory documents are to be presented at the time of application for the filming permit in Nepal. It requires a local coordinator/fixer to apply on behalf of the foreign film crew to process and apply for any kind of filming permit.

The new and updated rule of the government of Nepal, The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology charges a minimum fee for the application process and is payable at the time of application. This is a one time fee and covers any number of days of filming in Nepal with a maximum time frame of the fiscal year of application. For more details and updated information, Make An Inquiry.

4. What is Foreign Movies Development Permission?

Filming permits in Nepal vary depending upon the sensitivity of the location of filming. The Foreign Movies Development Permission(National Film Permit) also known simply as filming permit, includes additional permits as per the requirement of the applicant. Filming in Nepal without permission is considered a legal offense. Acquiring the permit safeguards the footage and provides easy access to locations. Any filmmakers or production company traveling to Nepal for any kind of video shoot needs to apply for a filming permit in Nepal.

Here are the details: Foreign Movies Development Permission

  • Heritage area permit.

  • National Park and Conservation Area Filming Permit
  • Drone and Aerial Imaging/ Filming Permit
  • Liaison Officer/ Monitoring Officer
  • Custom Clearance
Himalayan Fixer in Nepal has access beyond the red tape in all government bodies granting filming permit, custom clearance and drone permit in Nepal. Himalayan Fixer has proven to be the best local coordinator and fixer in Nepal to successfully obtain permits and swiftly process custom clearance to its wide range of clients.
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