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25 March 2019 – 3 April, 2019

“Easiest Custom Clearance yet. Dedicated and focused. Generosity and good faith.”

Sugar Rush Production (WAIN AL HEIN)
Project Overview

Wain Al Hein

I was asked to prepare for a journey to Pokhara via a phone call at 5 in the morning. On asking for more details he instructed me to get started right away because “Sugar Rush Production” was in Nepal to film a TV series.

I received my briefing regarding the project. I had to meet the MBC TV crew at the airport and assist them with the Customs Clearance and overall production design for the travel show “Wain Al Hein”.

The Ghalel village (shooting location) is a 17 kilometers drive from Pokhara. It took us 2 hours to reach our destination. Bal-Bahadur Gurung, the Mayor of the village, welcomed us, showed us around, and introduced us to the villagers. We filmed the whole experience of cooking, grazing goats, crafting baskets, etc.

Team Members




    Line Producer

  • TARAK:



    Sound Engineer






    Drone Operator


    Production House

  • K.T.M. FILMS:


Works Carried Out

  • Transportation

  • Translation

  • Casting

  • Location Scout

  • Production Design

  • Custom Clearance

  • Production Support

partners & authorities

Sugar Rush Production (WAIN AL HEIN)


Sugar Rush Production (WAIN AL HEIN)

Himalayan Journey

Sugar Rush Production (WAIN AL HEIN) Sugar Rush Production (WAIN AL HEIN)
Our Approach

Mohmad, the producer of Sugar Rush Production, wanted us to have a clear understanding of the instructions provided.

Mohmad, the producer of Sugar Rush Production, wanted us to have a clear understanding of the instructions provided. He wanted us to get to the location on time with precise planning. The three hosts traveling with us were our priority. As we proceeded it was clear that the entire process would need absolute professionalism from our side.

It was also clear that instant decisions needed to be made since filming in Nepal are not straightforward and filmmakers coming from outside need to be cognisant of our country’s rules and regulations especially tasks involving local authorities. Henceforth, we moved along with all our focus, knowledge, and experience.

Project Objectives

  • Permits

    Civil Aviation Authority,
    Nepal Army,
    Local Level Govt.
    Applying for drone permit in Nepal for aerial filming can be oftentimes confusing. Himalayan Fixer works with the best drone operators and having updated knowledge in the UAV law helps foreign filmmakers to smoothly run the project. Fixer can register the drone permits in less time, saving time and effort or risk while bringing drones
  • Logistics & Custom

    Himalayan Dreams Travel,
    Himalayan Helicopters,
    Hotel Yak & Yeti
    With access to best Travel Agencies in Nepal, Himalayan Fixer holds access to luxurious transportation with film experienced drivers and pilots. Whether it be up in the mountains or down plains, the fixer will manage vans, buses, helicopters and flights to any desired destination.
  • Production Support,

    Three MM Films Pvt. Ltd
    Himalayan Fixer takes care of all the filming permit in Nepal from application to processing. Himalayan Fixer processes the documents through right channels and government agencies. The fixer helps you prepare the documents required for the permit application. Getting beyond red tape is what fixer specializes in while applying for filming permit in Nepal.
  • Fixers- Local Coordinators,

    Ashok Pahari
    With access to local fixers and journalists in every corner of Nepal, Himalayn Fixer has access to the network throughout. For location scouting to local logistics and research, Himalayan Fixer can appoint locally. Fixers specializing in Documentary, Short Films, Investigation, news, etc. are easily accessible through us.

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