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13 September, 2023 – 31 September, 2023

“Great Job!”

Hopes and Aspirations
Project Overview

Hopes & Aspirations: LIKE Lab

What are the Hopes & Aspirations of the children in public schools in the remote parts of Nepal? Does it differ from the aspirations of children in the city? What can we do to fulfil them?

Learning, Innovation and Knowledge Exchange (LIKE), a social science lab at Kathmandu University School of Arts, Nepal, is focused on learning through participation, collaboration and developing social innovations by adopting research for development in addressing socio-political and socio-economic issues. With the aim of social transformation at the core the lab engages with the academicians, researchers, policy makers and development practitioners to craft effective, scalable and sustainable solutions to mitigate the issues.

Team Members

  • Dr. Binayak Krishna Thapa:

    Project Leader

  • Ashok Pahari:
    Videographer & Drone Operator
  • Ulasha Gurung:

    Videographer & Photographer

  • Aswin Poudel:

    Location Producer

Works Carried Out

  • Videography

  • Photography

  • Post Production

  • Recce and Location Scouting

  • Translation & Transcribe

partners & authorities

Hopes and Aspirations
Our Approach

Despite the challenges, the children in the remote villages aspire to become great individuals in the society.

Filming in Nepal, especially the rural parts brings forth challenges to the filmmakers in various fronts. Language being the major challenge, a filmmaker has to make sure that the message is relayed to the community and individuals clearly. The client had conveyed that a clear channel of communication has to be set prior to the shoot. As a liaison, a communication head was appointed to make sure that the shoot will go smoothly.

Planning was the key element for success in this project. The team managed to plan and discuss the schedule for the shoot and all the arrangements were made prior to the teams arrival at the location. Having a fixer by your side confirms the smooth run of the shoot. The liaison played a vital role in communicating and planning the shoot.

Another important job for the team to carry out the shoot in the limited time frame was to analyze the scenario and act accordingly. As the shoot followed immediately after the scouting, the filmmakers had to analyze and observe the scenario where the shoot was taking place.

As per the requirement of the client, the team fulfilled all the requirements of the shoot and proceeded to post production. Another challenge was to tell the stories of so many children and their aspirations as it was vital that the message was conveyed as intended. 

Project Objectives

  • Logistics & Accomodation

    Kathmandu University-LIKE Lab

    With the assistance of the liaison appointed by the LIKE Lab Project Leader, the travel and accommodation were all taken care of. 

  • Production Support,

    Three MM Films Pvt. Ltd

    Threemm Films provides all the necessary equipment and all the post production services. With latest gears to talented editors and translators, Threemm Films is a one stop solution for all filming needs. Wether it be documentary, fiction, commercial, advertisements, news, Threemm Films has everything you need for the completion of your project.

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