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02 February 2020 – 02 February 2020

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your contributions both leading up to and during the shoot. We are thrilled with the results and deeply appreciate the outstanding effort and commitment displayed by you and your team.

Project Overview

The Travel Show


Every year thousands of climbers come to Nepal to summit the highest mountains in the world. Nepal holds eight out of the top ten highest peaks in the world. More than half a century after the first summit, the effects of human involvement can be seen in the snow capped mountains in the northern side of Nepal. The climbers leave their waste up in the mountains due to which the glaciers have started to melt rapidly and the snow cover has started to decrease.

The year 2020 was declared “Tourism Year” but since the pandemic put a halt to all activities, the millions of dollars spent on the promotion front went to waste. The pandemic has affected the overall economy of the nation as tourism is a major revenue generator for the country.

This Travel Show produced episodes about the tourism sector of various different countries including Nepal. Mountains being the major tourist attraction in Nepal, fixer in Nepal were hired to produce two stories related to the mountains and its people. First story focuses on the environmental aspect of the tourism sector and tries to point out concerns regarding the climbing and expedition tourism in Nepal. The second story is centered around the perspectives of the people towards the mountains; specifically Everest.

Mount Everest is not just the highest peak in the world but is also an inspiration to the local community. The people share concerns regarding the pollution in the region due to the uninformed tourists and talk about raising awareness regarding the rules and regulations set by the Government of Nepal.

BBC: The Travel Show will showcase the message of the locals, climbers and the authorities responsible for mountain conservation and the tourism ministry and its representatives. This was made possible by Himalayan Fixer and his crew who are best at filming in Nepal.

Team Members

    Producer/ Director
    DOP/ Cinematographer
    Translation and Transcribe

Works Carried Out

  • Videography

  • Photography
  • Research and Planning
  • Production Design
  • Footage Management
  • Translation and Transcribe

partners & authorities

The Travel Show (Pandemic)
Our Approach

We discussed the ways in which locals as well as tourists can help conserve our mountains so the future generation can continue the community’s legacy sustainably.

The major goal of this project was to get in touch with people associated with the mountains in order to capture their perspective on the environmental factors. We got in touch with the President of Nepal Mountaineering Association; Santabir Lama who helped us throughout the process of filming. We discussed the ways in which locals as well as tourists can help conserve our mountains so the future generation can continue the community’s legacy sustainably.

Another aspect of the filming was to capture the idea of Everest and what it means to the locals of that region. Also capturing the angle of what the government has proposed for the cancellation of the Tourism Year 2020 due to the Pandemic.

Project Objectives

  • Permits

    Civil Aviation Authority,
    Nepal Army,
    Local Level Govt.
    Applying for drone permit in Nepal for aerial filming can be oftentimes confusing. Himalayan Fixer works with the best drone operators and having updated knowledge in the UAV law helps foreign filmmakers to smoothly run the project. Fixer can register the drone permits in less time, saving time and effort or risk while bringing drones
  • Logistics & Custom

    Himalayan Dreams Travel,
    Himalayan Helicopters,
    Hotel Yak & Yeti
    With access to best Travel Agencies in Nepal, Himalayan Fixer holds access to luxurious transportation with film experienced drivers and pilots. Whether it be up in the mountains or down plains, the fixer will manage vans, buses, helicopters and flights to any desired destination.
  • Production Support,

    Three MM Films Pvt. Ltd
    Himalayan Fixer takes care of all the filming permit in Nepal from application to processing. Himalayan Fixer processes the documents through right channels and government agencies. The fixer helps you prepare the documents required for the permit application. Getting beyond red tape is what fixer specializes in while applying for filming permit in Nepal.
  • Fixers- Local Coordinators,

    Ashok Pahari
    With access to local fixers and journalists in every corner of Nepal, Himalayn Fixer has access to the network throughout. For location scouting to local logistics and research, Himalayan Fixer can appoint locally. Fixers specializing in Documentary, Short Films, Investigation, news, etc. are easily accessible through us.
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