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30 AUGUST 2022

Film Fixer In Nepal-Himalayan Fixer

Nepal’s topography extends from the mystical mountains to huge flatland, making it seem like a humongous film set. The magnificence of its geography and the unexplored features of its marvelous landscape is a visual treat even for the locals. People from all over the world visit to rejoice in and treasure its extreme geographical disparities. Exploring such a diverse country is a challenging task in itself and this experience is intensified by the absence of clear walking trails and/or a sound internet connection. The busy streets and confusing roads of Nepal could oftentimes discourage foreign filmmakers from accomplishing their goals and create obstacles in their travel plans.

A local film fixer in Nepal then steps in and takes up this challenge, ensuring the safety of the team and the successful completion of the task at hand. Fixers need to be well trained and well experienced. The perfect combination of knowledge and intuition they possess aid them in paying attention to the minutest details, making them the ultimate problem solvers and the best travel buddy. Their investigative and analytical skills assist them in forward thinking to not just avoid pitfalls but apply innovative solutions to any and all kinds of problems.

Due to an extremely diverse population there are 123 different languages spoken in Nepal despite Nepali being the official language. People living in remote areas and sometimes even in the city, communicate in languages other than the official language. This language barrier could become an issue while filming as basic instructions could be misunderstood. Hence, fixers are trained to interact with the locals and have a wider range of languages that they can speak and/or understand. Our diverse team comprises of fixers from different ethnic backgrounds of Nepal, each one specializing in their own mother tongue.

Oftentimes, a nation’s political climate dictates the journey of a project. As Nepal is still in a transitional phase, there is a lot of political turmoil that may/may not affect filming plans including scheduled dates, locations, travel plans etc. However, complying with the rules and legality of one’s country is a must and with our collaborative fixers team we are in constant touch with one another discussing any possible disturbances that may occur before the onset and right through the offset of our projects.

We possess a large network of drivers, hotel owners, journalists from all over Nepal whom we are in constant touch with in order to avoid possible delays and drawbacks. We relay this information to the visiting foreign filmmakers in order to make sure their filming journey in Nepal is effortless and successful.

For international travelers and foreign filmmakers Nepal happens to be quite an affordable country. However, the issue of fair pay must not be overlooked. A local fixer ensures fair and transparent transactions in order to make sure the project is beneficial for all. They also make sure nobody is overcharged and/or overworked and that the finances are handled professionally, with utmost honesty and transparency. Our team of fixers are trained in logging expenditure cost and pay details of every project that we are a part of.

Respecting the privacy of the locals and understanding cultural differences are important factors that one needs to pay attention to whilst filming in Nepal or any foreign country. Our team of fixer in Nepal are well versed in this and will facilitate as a bridge between filmmakers and the local communities eliminating communication gap and ensuring a healthy and comfortable exchange of culture through ideas and dialogue.

The benefits of opting for a fixer service are endless but travel and logistics happens to be one of the most important ones. There are a lot of remote areas in Nepal that serve the perfect landscape for filmmakers to film, but access in and around such areas could, more often than not, be challenging. Adapting to a foreign lifestyle is always tough and it could take a while before one knows just the right place to eat and stay in a foreign land. A fixer Nepalwill make sure to go location scouting and communicate these details beforehand in order to ensure your comfort and provide you with the best service in town.
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Fixer, Producer
Fixer and Producer with over 10 years of experience. Having been involved in projects, includes productions with UNICEF, INSIDER, BBC, NBC.
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25 OCTOBER 2022
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