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Frequently Asked Questions

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Looking for a Fixer?
Film Professionals looking for filming in Nepal and a professional fixer to take care of all the problems can hire Himalayan Fixer. Fixer takes care of Translation, Permits, Transportation and equipment hire in Nepal.
How do I find a local coordinator?
You can hire Fixer or a local film production company as a coordinator. Himalayan Fixer specialize in working for filmmakers from around the globe.
Are there any restrictions?
When applying for filming in Nepal, it is advisable that you do not have anything in the script that offends Nepal’s national institutions, religion, customs and culture. The film must not be deemed as a threat to security. Finally, shooting must not cause any significant effect/damage on the natural environment.
How do I need to pay for the location fees?
Location fees and other production matters should be discussed with the appointed local coordinator. This is why it is essential to appoint an experienced coordinator. S/he will deal with all the production issues.

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