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21 April, 2023 – 31 May, 2023
“Hard working and skilled team were a pleasure to work with on our product videos. Communication was excellent from pre to post production.”
The Messenger
Project Overview

The Messenger

Jamyang is an actor and also recognized as an activist advocating environment and climate change awareness. This project is to travel to the Everest Base Camp and collect the melting glacier in a plastic bottle and present it to the COP 2 Summit in Dubai later this year. Jamyang had cycled from Bhutan to Everest Base Camp followed by his camera crew. Himalayan Fixer was responsible for all the legal support in terms of filming throughout the journey.

The plan was to start filming from the Border of Nepal at Kakarvitta and travel to Kathmandu and from Kathmandu to the Everest Region. The major challenge was to acquire all the necessary permits under two weeks and manage swift customs clearance to the filming crew while entering and exiting the country.

Himalayan Fixer was assigned to acquire the permits specifically the Drone and the National Park Filming permit which allowed the crew to film anywhere in the national park without any restriction. Threemm Films was supporting the project by providing Himalayan fixer with assistance and necessary resources.

Team Members

  • Jamyang Jamtsho Wangchuk:
    Commissioner, Activist
  • Ben Clark:
    Videographer & Drone Operator
  • Devon James Balet:
  • Ashok Pahari:
    Fixer & Local Producer
  • Ulasha Gurung:
    Production Manager
  • Nigma Nuri Sherpa:
    Team Leader & Guide
  • Prakash Panta:
    Liaison Officer, MOCIT

Works Carried Out

  • Local Producer
  • Fixer
  • Permit Application
  • Real Filming Permit
  • National Park Filming Permit
  • Custom Clearance
  • National Filming Permit

partners & authorities

The Messenger

Dept. of Custom

The Messenger

Dept. of National Parks

The Messenger


The Messenger The Messenger
Our Approach

In Nepal especially, the majority of the problems that a filmmaker faces is the uncertainty of things.

Filming in Nepal can sometimes not go as planned. Sometimes there is very less time to be prepared for all sorts of potential issues for a shoot. In Nepal especially, the majority of the problems that a filmmaker faces is the uncertainty of things. Since Nepal has yet to fully reach its full potential in terms of film and art as a discipline, it is often difficult to navigate through the usual process of filming. Jamyang, the producer and the messenger had contacted us two weeks prior to his arrival in Nepal.

The major challenge was to acquire the permits under these two weeks. With a decade of experience, Himalayan fixer had accepted this challenge as was backed by one of the most reliable film production companies in the country. Threemm Films Team understood the urgency of the matter and provided Himalayan fixer with all the necessary resources to tackle the challenges.

Being one of the finest fixer in Nepal, Himalayan Fixer swiftly handled all the necessary procedures with ease and acquired the permit at a record time.

The client required not only a basic filming permit but also the national park filming permit which also included an areal filming permit. All the necessary procedures were met and the client was able to continue filming without any trouble.

Project Objectives

  • Permits

    Civil Aviation Authority,
    Nepal Army,
    Ministry of Defense,
    Sagarmatha National Park,
    Local Level Govt.
    Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Aviation
    Department of National Parks and Conservation Areas
    Applying for drone permit in Nepal for aerial filming can be oftentimes confusing. Himalayan Fixer works with the best drone operators and having updated knowledge in the UAV law helps foreign filmmakers to smoothly run the project. Fixer can register the drone permits in less time, saving time and effort or risk while bringing drones
  • Logistics & Custom

    Hotel Mandala Boutique
    Roar Himalaya Adventure
    With access to best Travel Agencies in Nepal, Himalayan Fixer holds access to luxurious transportation with film experienced drivers and pilots. Whether it be up in the mountains or down plains, the fixer will manage vans, buses, helicopters and flights to any desired destination.
  • Production Support,

    Three MM Films Pvt. Ltd
    Himalayan Fixer takes care of all the filming permit in Nepal from application to processing. Himalayan Fixer processes the documents through right channels and government agencies. The fixer helps you prepare the documents required for the permit application. Getting beyond red tape is what fixer specializes in while applying for filming permit in Nepal.
  • Fixers- Local Coordinators,

    Ashok Pahari
    With access to local fixers and journalists in every corner of Nepal, Himalayn Fixer has access to the network throughout. For location scouting to local logistics and research, Himalayan Fixer can appoint locally. Fixers specializing in Documentary, Short Films, Investigation, news, etc. are easily accessible through us.
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