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17 April 2019 – 26 April 2019

We owe our project’s success in Nepal to the invaluable support of Himalayan Fixer. Throughout the entire shoot, they meticulously orchestrated every aspect, leaving no detail unattended from beginning to end.

County Fair Production (Tea Collection)
Project Overview

Tea Collection

Working with many American production team in the past, County Fair Production is a San Francisco/NYC based production company, producing a photoshoot in Kathmandu for American kid’s clothing brand Tea Collection ( in mid April 2019.

Tea was initiating a project in Nepal on sharing the Nepalese culture with their brand. It was about the friendship and the bond between friends that makes a change. This project is all about how Tea believes in making friends and sharing it to the world. It was a seven days project full of excitement and thrill. The tight schedule was a challenge to the producer and the entire crew. Travelling to different locations of the valley in a short period of time was stressing. But this was a challenge well played. The teamwork from the entire crew and the cast members helped accomplish the production.

In conclusion, the production was a success and there was another story to tell.

Team Members




    Creative Director








    Photo Assistant


    Production House

Works Carried Out

  • Transportation

  • Translation

  • Casting

  • Location Scout

  • Production Design

  • Custom Clearance

  • Production Support

partners & authorities

County Fair Production (Tea Collection)


County Fair Production (Tea Collection)

Himalayan Journey

County Fair Production (Tea Collection) County Fair Production (Tea Collection)
Our Approach

The primary goal of this production was to finalize the production design within a short period of time.

The primary goal of this production was to finalize the production design within a short period of time. Finalising all the location and casting was a challenge. Stephen wanted us to be clear on the instructions provided. The two crew members were traveling earlier for the charity shoot with the Little Sisters Fund. We had to get the custom clearance done and complete the production before all the crew arrived. The schedule was planned ahead but changes were made according to the suitability of the client and overall time schedule. He wanted us to get to the location on time with precise planning. As we were working with children, safety was number one priority. Setting up base near location was a different approach we applied this time.

Couple of challenges we faced was the weather, as the weather can be unpredictable in the valley. Weather forecasts usually don’t work in the valleys. Being a fixer in Nepal being prepared for these situations is a must. We prepare for the worst and plan accordingly with options and alternatives. As a fixer in Nepal, it not only requires us to be smart and intuitive but also familiar to the multiple cultures and customs of the different societies living in.

Being a multilingual, multi-ethnic and multi-religious country, it requires the fixer in nepal to be familiar with a large group of people. Translation work is also part of the job where it requires the fixer to understand the culture and interpret the meaning and the values of a certain group of people.

Another important part of a fixer comes where not only interpreting the language skillfully but also the culture and norms of people living in various parts of the country. For example, certain artifacts and gestures resembles a different meaning when interpreted. Nepal represents as a harmony where different religions stand together where people often get confused on which it represents. This is also part of the Himalayan Fixer to properly interpret and translate the meaning of the society.

Project Objectives

  • Permits

    Civil Aviation Authority,
    Nepal Army,
    Local Level Govt.
    Applying for drone permit in Nepal for aerial filming can be oftentimes confusing. Himalayan Fixer works with the best drone operators and having updated knowledge in the UAV law helps foreign filmmakers to smoothly run the project. Fixer can register the drone permits in less time, saving time and effort or risk while bringing drones
  • Logistics & Custom

    Himalayan Dreams Travel,
    Himalayan Helicopters,
    Hotel Yak & Yeti
    With access to best Travel Agencies in Nepal, Himalayan Fixer holds access to luxurious transportation with film experienced drivers and pilots. Whether it be up in the mountains or down plains, the fixer will manage vans, buses, helicopters and flights to any desired destination.
  • Production Support,

    Three MM Films Pvt. Ltd
    Himalayan Fixer takes care of all the filming permit in Nepal from application to processing. Himalayan Fixer processes the documents through right channels and government agencies. The fixer helps you prepare the documents required for the permit application. Getting beyond red tape is what fixer specializes in while applying for filming permit in Nepal.
  • Fixers- Local Coordinators,

    Ashok Pahari
    With access to local fixers and journalists in every corner of Nepal, Himalayn Fixer has access to the network throughout. For location scouting to local logistics and research, Himalayan Fixer can appoint locally. Fixers specializing in Documentary, Short Films, Investigation, news, etc. are easily accessible through us.
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