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Filming in Nepal, What It Takes To Be the No. 1 Film Fixer?

30 AUGUST 2022

Filming in Nepal, What It Takes To Be the No. 1 Film Fixer?

How Fixers understand the need of its clients who are filming in Nepal?

Filming in Nepal most of the times, the importance and work of a fixer goes unrecognized. The efforts put in by fixers to make things become successful is remarkable. Making everything go right in risky situations is not a joke. A Fixer in Nepal gets less credit for their work as it is not seen on screen. The tiny but precise details needed to make a project perfect are all added by fixers. Especially in Nepal, being a fixer is not always sunshine and rainbows.

As Nepal has just started to be internationally recognized as one of the best filming locations in the world, there is a much larger audience that is unaware of its beauty. So, communicating with the global audience is not an easy thing to do. Taking responsibility of foreign filmmakers and standing for Nepal’s breathtaking views requires communication skills and a strong confident individual.

Not only that, a fixer in Nepal has to make sure that everything needed for the team is available at the right time and of the best quality while filming in Nepal. For example, tasks such as collecting visas and permits, booking flights, arranging comfortable transportation and finding the best accommodations are all done by the fixer. Such works done are not recognized on paper, but they surely do take a lot of time and effort to pull off.

Through the years, going through all the ups and downs, we surely have learned a lot of good lessons. We never fail to give our clients the best services. We constantly strive to be on the top of the game. Even if we stumble, we can ensure you that our experiences have shaped us in such a way that makes us get right back up and aim for success.

1. Perfectionist

One of the most important jobs of a fixer is to pay attention to the tiny details that usually get ignored. A fixer in Nepal should have good focus and precision when working with a crew filming in Nepal. Perfectionism should be seen in every detail of the work done, whether it be huge or small. The ideology of perfectionism and professionalism has aspired us into becoming one of the topmost fixer in Nepal.

Through time, we have evolved into becoming perfectionists and do not agree on anything unless it sounds perfect to us. Anything from research, management, equipment, transportation, hospitality and locations, need to be ideal and as desired by the client who are filming in Nepal.

2. Swift Decision

Making decisions is a part of everyone’s day to day life. For a fixer, being able to make important decisions on the spot is on the daily. Making the right decision requires years of practice and the correct mindset. Even in stressful situations, fixer in Nepal have to instantly make decisions for everyone, that should be safe and effective. Similarly, problem-solving capabilities should be in the genes. If something does not go as planned, a plan B should be ready. While filming in Nepal, for us, failure is simply not an option.

3. New Challenges

Nepal has people of different cultures, ethnic groups, and backgrounds. It is important to preserve the old traditions, but brings up a task for fixers and filmmakers. Diversity in Nepal can be seen in all terms such as food, rituals, and beliefs. So, implementing the same knowledge and ideas in different projects may not work out. Every project exposes us to different situations and lifestyles. The challenges faced are unique. The only common ground in this is interaction with the locals.

The problem-solving methods also have to be modified and improvised according to the individuals fixer in Nepal have to deal with. For example, interacting with children requires the use of simple language, and interacting with the elderly requires a lot of sensitivity and respect. There is also a lot of convincing that needs to be done when shooting in local areas as people have different mindsets.

4. Knowledge

Simply put, a fixer in Nepal needs to fix complications. Sounds simple, unless it is time to actually fix the problems. Fixing requires tremendous knowledge of basically everything. From mending cars and working drones, to giving up their own comfort for someone else’s security, fixers do everything. If someone gets a small cut, providing first-aid is done by the fixer. Thus, fixer in Nepal fix everything that needs to be fixed.

5. Country’s Reputation

When foreigners trust us locals for filming in Nepal, our country gets involved directly or indirectly. We become known as the Nepalese. So, Himalayan Fixer‘s identity puts more pressure on us as there is a reputation and status that needs to be maintained; both of our company, and our country. We see that as a good thing, as it pushes us to work even better. If we make a mistake, the reputation of our team of fixer in Nepal, and our country will definitely be affected, so we work hard to make sure that everything goes as planned with honesty and transparency.

6. Assistance

Filming in Nepal can be stressful. Feelings of failure or disruption may come and go. The weather conditions and extreme climate of Nepal can be very challenging for filmmakers to shoot in. However, Himalayan Fixer in Nepal is trained to work in such conditions and motivate everyone to work according to their greatest potential. Fixer in Nepal will be the energy sources that will brighten up every moment, and every shot.

The assistance and service of Himalayan Fixer and Threemm team, along with the mesmerizing scenic beauty of Nepal, will not let anyone see themselves as a failure. You will be provided with the best fixing services and experiences that are available here in Nepal.

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Ashok Pahari

Fixer, Producer

Fixer and Producer with over 10 years of experience. Having been involved in projects, includes productions with UNICEF, INSIDER, BBC, NBC.
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25 OCTOBER 2022
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