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25 October 2022

7 Reasons Why You Need A Professional Fixer

It’s easy to think professional fixers are out of your reach, and that you have to fix your own mess.

Transportation In Nepal

The country’s transportation system poses great opportunities and risks all at the same time for film production.
30 August 2022

Filming in Nepal, What It Takes To Be the No. 1 Film Fixer?

Nepal is a country without a lot of international recognition for filming and being a film fixer in Nepal is a challenging job.
30 August 2022

Film Fixer In Nepal-Himalayan Fixer

Film Fixer in Nepal needs to be well experienced, their intuition should be close to perfect, and they should give importance to tiny details.
20 JUNE 2022

Things to Know Before Applying for Filming Permit in Nepal

Applying for Filming Permit in Nepal? List of things you should know! Process of acquiring Filming Permit in Nepal

05 MAY 2022

Filming Permit In Nepal

Filming Permit In Nepal – Your ultimate guide for acquiring Filming Permit in Nepal.